Film Grant Program

2021 Application Goes Live in May 2021

The First American Muslim Film Grant supporting Muslim filmmakers to change the narrative and tell their own stories. 

For filmmakers, one of the things that is so important to us is knowing  that someone is interested in our stories, knowing that someone can benefit and learn from our stories because I believe as a film director that there isn o such thing as pure entertainment there is always a learning aspect. In today’s mainstream entertainment we have to change that.” 

Queen Ali Muhammad, 2017 ISF Film Grant Recipient 

      “I can’t stress enough the importance of ISF and our community supporting the arts, thank you for giving us the opportunity to raise our voice”

      -Jude Chehab, 2016 ISF Grant Recipient
      Watch Jude’s trailer for her film “Suhana” here.

      Mass media has an undoubtedly powerful influence on society’s perceptions and beliefs about the subjects portrayed.  While the spread of Internet media sources and social networking sites provide outlets for alternative voices, traditional mass media still reaches a larger number of people and holds substantial power in determining what information is deemed important.

      ISF initiated the film grant program in 2014 to create a stronger narrative of Muslim stories and supporting Muslim filmmakers. The program has continued to grow and since it’s founding has awarded $220,000 dollars to promising filmmakers.

      The Islamic Scholarship Fund Film Grant specifically aims to facilitate and support Muslim emerging and professional filmmakers, who are creating artistic, engaging and positive stories about Muslims. 

      The grant is split into two categories: narrative and documentary. In addition to funding, grant recipients will also receive mentorship and/or networking opportunities from an industry professional to help further the advancement of their script and film.


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