Scholarship Program

We are currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 academic school year

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Increasing American Muslim Representation in Media and Politics


ISF attempts to increase Muslim representation in media in order to correct negative portrayals in news and journalism. The way news is produced and written has an indisputable effect on public opinion. The following media related majors qualify for the ISF scholarship: Media Studies, Writing, Journalism(Print & Digital)


ISF recognizes the power policy making holds in combatting bias and aims to increase the number of Muslim policy makers, lobbyists, nonprofit leaders and activists. The following policy related majors qualify for the ISF scholarship: International Relations/Affairs, Political Science, Public Policy, Social Justice/Civil Rights, Public Administration and Sociology.


ISF supports Muslim film makers in their work to create artistic, engaging and positive stories about American Muslims. Mass media, and especially creative works, has an undoubtedly powerful influence on society’s perceptions. The following film related majors qualify for the ISF scholarship: Acting, Film & Television Production, Theater.

Past Awarded Scholarships

For the last 11 years, ISF has awarded

394 Scholarships


$1.3 Million

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