Congressional Internship Program

The Fall Internship Application will be opening May 2021

Want to get an inside look on how Congress works? Apply to the ISF Congressional Internship program! Summer Interns will spend a semester working remotely for a congressional office for a Member of Congress where they will observe the legislative process at the federal level, develop research skills related to public policy, and assist full-time staff with their duties. Participants for this program leave inspired to run for office, take jobs on the Hill, or to start their own meaningful initiatives.

Policy Making

Participants will be placed with offices of different members of Congress and will learn about inclusive and intersectional policy making. Additionally, they will gain valuable experience needed for entering the world of government. Interns will complete their term knowing how to remedy injustice with policy.


The ISF Congressional Internship Program aims to expose American Muslim students to the privileges and responsibilities  of working in the halls of Capitol Hill, and hopefully inspire a new generation of American Muslim policymakers.


An important aspect of the program is the many networking opportunities that interns have with representatives of congressional offices, government agencies, interest groups, think-tanks and nonprofits in DC. Through our educational workshops led by high-profile consultants, activist, nonprofit leaders, attorneys and public figures, we train our interns to engage and create meaningful discussions.

The Congressional Internship promotes and encourages diversity and inclusion on the Hill.